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SonicWall Upgrade Program - Trade In Your Old SonicWall

Trade-In Your Old SonicWall for a Faster, More Robust Firewall

The SonicWall upgrade program offers aggressive discounts on purchases of SonicWall SOHO, TZ Series or NSA Series solutions for owners of similar registered SonicWall products. In addition, Secure Upgrade units include either a 2 or 3 year subscription to SonicWall's Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite. Main features for Secure Upgrade Plus are:

  • Upgrades from a SonicWall product or trade-ins of a competitive products
  • Financial rewards for enhancing security
  • Service transfers for subscription services and support services
  • Broader choice of qualifying solutions
  • Download: SonicWall Customer Loyalty Program Guide

Why Upgrade Your Firewall?

How Difficult is it to Configure a SonicWall Firewall?

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