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Remote Access Appliance

  Secure Remote Access

Deliver the Ease of Remote Access to Your Mobile Workforce

SonicWall SRA and Sophos Red remote access appliances provide users with easy-to-use, secure, and clientless remote access to a broad range of resources on the corporate network. Whether you're setting up a branch office, an outpost, or working from home, our remote access appliances will allow you the security infrastructure of the main office and the comfort levels of a home office.

At a Glance:

» Granular Access to Authorized Users
» Broad Access to Resources
» Simple to Manage
» Clientless Remote Support

Choose a Secure Remote Access Series

SonicWall Secure Remote Access

SonicWall SRA 1600, 4200, & Virtual Appliances available.

Sophos RED Secure Remote Access

If you need to extend your secure network easily and affordably beyond your main facility, Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices are the ideal solution. Uniquely simple and imminently affordable, RED provides an elegant solution to building a secure distributed network. If you're running a Sophos SG or Sophos XG firewall-based network, RED is for you!