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SonicWall SonicWave Series Wireless Access Points

SonicWall SonicWave

High-speed wireless connectivity is no longer optional in today's network landscape. It's become a necessity for businesses schools hospitals and other organizations. Users expect a superior wireless experience as Wi-Fi standards improved whether they use it for work to make a transaction, share information or simply surf the internet. what's more there is a growing trend toward the use of wireless only devices in the workplace and in everyday life.

As the demand for high-speed Wi-Fi has increased so to have expectations. wireless solutions must provide more than just fast connectivity. they also have to secure the network by scanning for and removing threats over the wireless traffic. even when that traffic is encrypted and the solution must be simple to deploy and manage with the continued proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled clients including Internet of Things devices. Organizations need a wireless solution that delivers enterprise-class wireless performance and security while dramatically simplifying network setup and management that's exactly what the SonicWall wireless network security solution does.

our wireless network security solution combines SonicWall
sonic wave wireless access points with one of our industrial leading next-generation firewalls. the sonic wave series features two indoor models the 432 E and 432 I and 1 outdoor model the 432 o. All 3 support the 802 11 AC wave 2 wireless standard to deliver a multi gigabit wireless throughput this enterprise level performance enables Wi-Fi ready devices to use bandwidth intensive applications such as HD multimedia and cloud and mobile apps without experiencing signal degradation.

SonicWave access points take advantage of performance features such as band steering and beamforming to improve the wireless user experience. They also utilize the latest capabilities in 802 11 AC wave 2 such as 4 by 4 multi-user MIMO to deliver multi gigabit wireless throughput three built-in radios