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Firewall Health Check

Email Relay Config Image

Clean up redundant policies, decrease clutter, simplify reporting, and increase overall performance

In many cases, the settings, procedures, & solutions that secured your network in 2016 have grown obsolete by 2018. Our Firewall Health Check ensures your organization is deploying the most efficient time-saving and cost-saving measures. Whether it be decluttering unnecessary interfaces or cleaning up bottlenecks, we provide you with actionable, common sense suggestions to improve performance of your appliance.

  • Local User Audit

  • Review of Appliance Stealth

  • NAT, Rule, & Policy Review

  • Increased Network Performance

Email Security

On premise Email Server Image

Cut off one of the top sources of infection by securing your inbound & outbound emails.

Email security represents one of the most common vectors of attack for businesses. Phishing & social engineering grow more sophisticated every year. While it’s always a best practice to instruct your employees in the latest strategies to avoid falling for the bait, it doesn’t hurt to insure your network security with robust, nuanced email security.

  • AntiSpam Filters

  • Reduced IT Workload

  • Meet Compliance Standards

  • Configuration of POP3, SMTP, & IMAP



Build fast, secure wireless networks for both internal users & guests

Mobile workers are efficient workers. Businesses thrive on collaboration, teamwork, & flexibility. A wireless network grants your organization the ability to work when they want, where they want, without being tied to a desk. Fast, secure public WiFi hotspots ensure your guests can connect to the Internet without intruding on your internal network where sensitive data is stored.

  • Enable BYOD Policies

  • Easily Scales Up With Your Needs

  • Mobility Boosts Productivity

  • Give Guests the Fast, Secure WiFi They Expect


Certificate Deployment Image

Tackle the complex & resource-heavy project of deploying security certificates

We install both digital certificates from Certificate Authorities (CA) and on-box DPI/SSL. With over 60% of web traffic hiding behind encryption, implementing Deep Packet Inspection is crucial in order to analyze encrypted data. Our engineers assist with deployment of appliance certifcates that allow for SSL scanning on Edge, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Please note, this service is currently only available for users of Windows OS.

  • Establish Customer Trust

  • No Loss of Productivity During Deployment

  • Increase Network Visibility

  • Don't Be Ignored by Google

Content Filtering

content filtering service image

Block access to time-wasting, inappropriate, or illegal websites.

Tired of seeing Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and other time-wasting websites in your workplace? Content filtering gives you granular control over the websites that your users can access. By restricting users and groups to only the types of websites necessary or their role, you eliminate the risk of inappropriate and unproductive web usage.

  • Increase Productivity

  • Restrict Users to Secure Websites

  • Extremely Granular Control Empowers IT

  • Reduce Liability for Illegal Activity

Access Control Lists

Access Control Lists Image

Control what applications & clients your users can access

Capitalize on infrastructure and bring identity to the forefront to gain control of information exposed and traversing the network by utilizing hardened access controls. Permit, deny, and prioritize network functions and reduce user risk by controlling who has access to what, when they can access it, and where that access may originate from. Safeguard your data by implementing granular control of users and groups.

  • Granular Control of Users, Groups, & More

  • Prioritize Bandwidth to Productive Tasks

  • Simplify Management & Decrease Risk of Infection

  • Read, Write, & Execute Restrictions on the Fly

Single Sign-On

single sign on active directory integration image

Gain supreme visibility into the users & activities operating on your network

Greater control over the users operating on your network lightens the load of network administrators. Instead of being tied down to a single machine, Single Sign-On lets a user’s identity transfer from device to device, simplifying the process of user audits and activity tracking.

  • Execute policies across users, devices, & apps

  • Simplify password management & reduce resets

  • Increase Employee Self-Sufficiency

  • Simplify compliance reporting with the ability to securely authenticate users


VOIP Image

Say goodbye to poor phone quality, dropped calls, and missed opportunities

Optimizing performance of your VOIP means more than just clearer calls. It means you won’t suffer the frustrations of dropped calls, one-way calling, missed conversions, & static-filled conferences. As one of your organization’s most critical resources, reliable calling that follows employees across devices should be a top concern for business owners and administrators.

  • Crystal clear VOIP that won't slow your network

  • Allocate bandwidth to mission-critical resources like highly-converting sales calls

  • Scales up & down easily to match your needs

High Availability

high availability image

Built-in redundancy in your infrastructure cuts network downtime to zero

What plan does your organization have in place in the event of a firewall hardware malfunction? High Availability grants 24x7 access to data and ensures productivity doesn’t grind to a halt in the case of hardware malfunction or disaster.

  • Synchronized configurations ensure policy integrity

  • No loss of productivity in case of hardware malfunction

  • Simplify maintenance schedules by eliminating planned downtime

  • Note: HA Unit must be same model & revision as primary appliance

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